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Cash Game LIVE
Hold'em NL10/200/9

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40 720 CZK

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Hi-Lo Jackpot

7 221 CZK

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Rake Race XI/XII

60 000 CZK

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Hi-Lo Jackpot

New bonus for cash game players! Each player has the option of playing for to 25% Hi-Lo Jackpot after 4 hours of game .

Each player can play Hi-Lo game for the part of Hi-Lo Jacpoct after 4 hours of playing cash game. The hight of this part of Hi-Lo Jackpot goes by the hight of first buy-in on the cash game table.

The rules of the Hi-Lo game:

The game uses a set of 13 cards containing all the cards from 2 to ace. The cards are shuffled and placed face down on the table. The player will draw 8 cards which to continue playing with. These cards will line up and turns the first card. Now player have to choose whether the next turned card will be higher or lower than the last turned, then the player will turn the card and if it was the right, continues with the remaining cards. If the player  will select all the cards successfully, he or she will win.

buy-in 500 = 2.5% of the jackpot
buy-in 1000 = 5% of the jackpot
buy-in 2000 = 10% of the jackpot
buy-in 3000 = 15% of the jackpot
buy-in 4000 = 20% of the jackpot
buy-in 5000 = 25% of the jackpot